r.c. + a. is a full service, fully integrated food and beverage consulting and management company that provides comprehensive services to create, develop, and operate viable, relevant, and sustainable restaurant/bar concepts and world class event services .  Our mission is to make your vision a reality by optimizing sales and profitability and driving operational consistency, thereby delivering premium value to your investment. 




Our company provides results driven, proven expertise in the following areas…….

Concept development, design, and systems that drive an unmatched customer experience

Market driven, signature food and beverages, unique and innovative, yet approachable

Service and atmosphere that foster a memorable experience that drive customer loyalty

Distinctive Event planning and services

Sourcing and development of “A” talent

Marketing, publicity, ecommerce

Strategic business planning for PREMIUM return on investment


Pride in Ourselves

Pride in our Product

Pride in our Environment

Restaurants live by 3 principles: Food should be simple, drinks should be marketable, and service is friendly.
— Steve Chiappetti

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Chef Steve Chiappetti